Helawi Shetlands
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About us

We aim to breed a True Shetland Pony.  We produce well mannered Ponies, with good conformation and a friendly disposition.  We breed miniature and standard ponies in a variety of colours from old established bloodlines.

Lillian and Jack

As a child I grew up with working Clydesdale’s  and a horrid pony called Trixi, whilst living in Scotland with my sister Isabel.  I didn’t move on to Shetlands until 1976.  We decided to buy Ruth, my eldest daughter who was horse mad from a very young age a New Forest Pony and a Shetland from Chanies stud dispersal.  We purchased Chanies Maid of the Mill (Milly ) a blue roan mare with a beautiful head and lovely big eye.  Milly went on to be my youngest daughter Isabel’s pony and proved to be very good lead rein pony, not very good off the lead, but she did teach Isabel to use her legs.

We decided to breed from Milly.  My sister Isabel, joined me and we purchased Speyside Golden Suntan (Fred) and the stud started.  We then bought our second stallion Cwmhen Farthing and Helawi Shetlands was born.

HELAWI is Arabic for full of grace, something that may not immediately spring to mind when you think of a shetland pony, but quite evident when you turn the ponies out in new pasture and they gallop with their tails and heads in the air.  Helawi also derived from “where the hell are they!” something we found ourselves constantly saying when we couldn’t spot them as they graised in the long grass in our first meadow field by the River Lea.

I now breed a few foals a year but have more time to enjoy the success of Helawi bred ponies in the show ring.

Isabel and John

After starting the stud in Hertfordshire with Lilian I relocated to Devon and took Speyside Golden Suntan and some mares, Blenhiem Solo and Rosella of Berry amongst them.  I met John, who embraced life with me and the ponies and has played good part in developing our stud in Devon.

As Fred was getting older I needed a younger stallion and bought Rougemont Mystery Lad (Tosh), a small stocky chestnut stallion who threw a beautiful head.  We bred and licensed, Helawi Golden Rain (Billy)  from Lillian’s Stallion, Birling Golden Boy and Helawi Matilda. Our mares bred from Tosh were then served by Billy and thus began our Palomino line.   I sent Rosella of Berry to Cwhmen Farthing who produced Helawi Nicociana Domino who has been prominent to my Standard and Piebald stock.  He has produced some outstanding, In hand and ridden ponies show ponies.

We have kept and Licensed colts from all our foundation Stallions as well as buying in new stock to introduce new bloodlines,   See Stallion Page.

Chris and Liz

We are now based at Nymet Rowland in Devon, We started breeding in 1995 after purchasing two mares,  Helawi Angelica and Helawi Lucky Clover, one from Isabel and one from Lilian, We then bought in two more mares, Crendon Fog and Sandpiper of Haybrake II and these became our foundation mares.  After borrowing Lilian’s stallions for a couple of years we acquired Rocket of Lochside to complete our herd. (Whos breeding is carried directly through our senior mares)  A later purchase was Edern Sprewsen who has produced a good show line for us including Helawi Cezanne and Helawi Delilah (Now in Qatar).  

We now have a wide range of miniature stallions and mares of different colours, but try to stay true to a good solid, strong pony with a nice head but a leg at each corner, plenty of bone with a kind temperament.

We have produced some successful show ponies, inhand abd ridden.

As a stud we have sold ponies to other breeders in the UK and Europe and even as far a field as Kuwait,  We have bred some very successful show ponies and proven children’s riding ponies (see Gallery.)